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Covid-19 Incinerators

Every day the WHO states that every single person has an active role in the containment of the infection, we can cooperate to overcome this epidemic simply following a few but important indications: by wearing masks, cleaning hands with sanitizers, practicing social distancing. With these simple precautions we could help those who are in the front line against COVID-19: Doctors and Healthcare Workers. Given the strong infectivity of COVID 19 an improper management of infected waste could nullify all our efforts.

Incineration of COVID-19 infected waste – The safest treatment method

Hospitals have to treat thousands of people every day and also have to face the problem of infected medical waste. According to the WHO such waste will redouble, therefore a proper disposal of it would significantly contribute to contain the virus. An improper management of COVID 19 infected waste could inevitably lead to new outbreaks and to a strong proliferation of the epidemic.

For.Tec. believes that the incineration of Coronavirus-infected waste, possibly carried out in plants located near the production site of the infected waste, remains the disposal methodology to be preferred in these emergency moments.

Incinerators for Coronavirus infected waste

For.Tec. during its almost 50 years of experience has already faced in the past the problem of the incineration of infected waste deriving from the proliferation of other epidemics, we have designed incinerators for Sars and Ebola, incineration plants for the containment of the swine plague, incinerator ovens for the management of HIV contaminated waste and mobile crematorium ovens.

Our past commitment combined with the great experience acquired to date has allowed us to study a whole range of incinerators for Coronavirus equipped with systems that limit the contact between the waste and the operator that guarantee the incineration of the infected waste in complete safety and with full respect for the environment. Our range includes both fixed incinerators to be installed near hospitals, clinics or in special waste disposal centers and mobile incinerators able to intervene promptly and incinerate Coronavirus-infected waste directly on the production site. An excellent solution is also represented by our range of containerized incinerators  ready for intervention in a few minutes from positioning.

Pandemic management Static incinerator

Pandemic management

Static incinerator

Pandemic management Containerized Incinerator

Pandemic management

Containerized Incinerator

Pandemic management Mobile incinerator

Pandemic management

Mobile incinerator