For.Tec. Incinerators Manufacturer

As results of complex and intensive research and development activities and thanks to decades of experience in pet cremation field, we are glad to present the first automatic loading system for dogs, cats and other pets in Europe: FORTEC loader mod. PET

  • Flexibility: PET loader can be supplied with our Crematory oven for animals mod. FIDO 550 but it can also be combined with other crematory ovens, provided that  they have a loading door with a diameter of more than 700 mm. The height-adjustable telescopic wheel supports make it easy to be adapted to any system.
  • Ease of Use: The loading kinematism is controlled by a 12 Volt low maintenance device, which makes it easy and safe to be transported, by avoiding the dragging of long and troublesome electric cables. A digital display allows the constant view of the battery charge status; this battery, once it is low, will be charged by a charger supplied by us.
  • Resistance: The sturdy carbon steel structure and the stainless steel cradle allow the system to be used even when the oven is hot.
  • Safety: An ignition key prevents unauthorized personnel from using the loader.
  • Added Value: PET loading system actually is the most practical, sensitive and elegant way to accompany the animal corpse to the cremation process.