For.Tec. Incinerators Manufacturer

In the last few years there has been an increase in demand for pet cremation therefore, after long studies which have perfected our great experience in this sector, we are now able to offer you a machinery specially designed to cremate dogs, cats and other pets.

Our oven Mod. Fido, a source of new opportunities:

  • pet cremation with return of the ashes
  • incineration of animals died from disease, without return of the ashes
  • incineration of animal carcasses from veterinary studies, kennels, from breedings or zooprophylactic institutions
  • disposal of animal carcasses died along the way.

A particular design with great attention to details makes our ovens mod. FIDO a product greater than simple carcasses incinerators which are sometimes improperly used to cremate pet animals.

With our pet crematories mod. FIDO you can:

  • make up to four cremations per cycle: thanks to the special interlayers mobile system designed to keep the animals ashes separate, in order to return them to their owners
  • make the incineration of carcasses: by removing the inner interlayers, the oven is suitable for the thermal destruction of all carcasses together; in such case the destructive capacity is more than  4 carcasses per cycle (according to the size of the carcasses).